Friday, September 13, 2013


THE GOOD: On the positive, Baron, will settle down when teathered. He is progressing in learning sit, down, and the trick we are learning for next weeks class. We are still working on walking on a lead, his focus on me and time. He is smarter than he let on, and will do what we ask, most of the time happily but lately reluctantly. He will work for food and play. THE BAD: Baron is growling at me, biting me, jumping up, especially when tired. THE UGLY: Peeing on the floor 30 min after he went out, no signal. He just stopped playing, stood and peed. In the past he would run to the door when he had to go. In the day he is receptive but at nite he is tired and tries to bully. He seems to have taken a big step backwards in some areas while progressing in others.

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